With the visionary goal of establishing an unique platform for all stakeholders interested in water management at a national level, B-IWA annually organizes specialised events each year on 'hot topics' in the Belgian water sector. Following the spirit of the B-IWA objectives, these events aim at bringing together and creating an interactive dialogue between all stakeholders of industry, policy makers and academics active in the Belgian water sector. The two types of events B-IWA focusses on are Happy Hours and our annual Nocturnal

In order to support these networking events we are continuously in search of official B-IWA sponsors. Companies active in the water sector willing to take a leading role in the active stakeholder debate and who want to be visible can have their logo appear on the B-IWA website, event announcements and on the events themselves, as well as acquire access to our events for free for a number of company members. Our sponsor formulas can be found in the below table.

Benefits Gold Platinum
Passes for Happy Hours and Nocturnal 2 4
Company logo on B-IWA website for 1 year X X
Company logo projected during breaks at events X X
Company logo on all B-IWA event communication X X
Promotional material at event reception   X
Cost (excl.VAT) €350 €600

Should your company be interested in sponsoring opportunities, you can fill in our sponsor form below and send it to secretary@biwa.be.