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Filling in this form is the first requirement when you want to prolong your BIWA membership, or become a new member. Benefits and prices of this membership can be checked here.

Member details

Fill in the personal information of the member(s) you are registering below. Please note that it is only possible to simultaneously register people that have the same membership type.


If you are registering multiple persons, please provide all their email addresses here, separated by commas. Every person should receive a confirmation mail.

By ticking this button, you indicate that your BIWA membership can be renewed every year, without you having to fill in this form every year.

Invoicing details

Fill in the invoicing details of your company or institution below, if necessary.

If you require an invoice, please fill in the invoice address here if it is not the same as the address mentioned above.

If you're in academics, you might need to provide us with a purchase order number. Please do so here if this is necessary for your institution.


By registering as a BIWA member, you agree to pay the registration fee that applies to you. You also agree to the information provided in our disclaimer.

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