How to become a member?

To allow BIWA to operate and to provide services to its members, a membership fee is due annually. An overview of both the possible IWA and BIWA fees is shown in the below table.

Individual** Sponsorship***
€57/€115 €72/€169 €15/€54 €350/€600

* For more information on the benefits of individual or corporate IWA membership, please check the specific IWA membership information. BIWA does not offer IWA corporate memberships, but does offer sponsorship opportunities. For more information on these, see here.
** Prices mentioned are for students/non-student members
*** Different prices represent different sponsor packages.

You will notice that, next to individual memberships of BIWA including IWA membership, we also offer a BIWA only membership. This is to give company employees the opportunity to be a BIWA member, while their company can still be a corporate IWA member with different benefits. Of course, this individual membership is still open for anyone who would like to be a BIWA member, but doesn't see the benefit of being an IWA member.

More details on the benefits of a B-IWA membership and/or sponsorship can be found here. Should you wish to become a member or renew your membership, you can do so by filling in this webform. If you have any questions, you can always contact us at