BIWA Nocturnal 2018 - Water: putting ideas into action

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The 2018 BIWA Nocturnal will be something special... In search for continuous improvement and relevance of our yearly networking event, this year's Nocturnal will feature:

  • an afternoon Young Water Professionals session, where young entrepreneurs will be sharing their take on entrepreneurship;
  • a panel discussion with mostly policy makers taking up the role as panel members;
  • a short ceremony to award the BIWA research, development collaboration and life time achievement awards;
  • a relatively early ending, foreseen at 20h30, to allow for a nice walking dinner with plenty of networking opportunity.

With the topic Water: putting ideas into action, the goal of the whole event is to have a constructive discussion, steered by questions from water professionals, water academics and citizens (in the public) towards policy makers (in the panel), the latter shaping the Belgian water policy for the coming years. To ensure that we reach out to all stakeholders, this year's event is a collaboration with TNAV, VLAKWA and CIW.

We regard this event as a follow-up of the very successful closing event of the Thinkers Program of the Royal Academy of Sciences on “Water and Climate”, where a very representative delegation of all stakeholders (academia, industry, policy makers, young water professionals and seniors alike) were present and held brainstorm sessions during round-table discussions. On the basis of these brainstorms, a final text was written (it can be found here, unfortunately in Flemish) with recommendations to make Flanders (and Belgium) a region which is resilient to periods of too much or too little water. It will be interesting to learn which of these recommendations have been accounted for in the current and future water policies!

Finally, we are also honored by the confirmed presence of the new executive president of IWA, Prof. Kala Vairavamoorthy, who will highlight the action focus of IWA in the coming years and link/compare this with (our) national water policies.

The prices for this event are as follows:

  • BIWA-member: €50. For YWPs, this includes attendance to the YWP sessions in the afternoon.
  • non-BIWA member €100.

We hope to meet you at the Botanical Garden in Meise (Bouchout Castle) to enjoy a fruitful afternoon and evening with us!

24 May, 2018