BIWA Water Career Achievement Award 2019

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Using the webform below you can apply for the BIWA Water Career Achievement Award 2018.  
 Application deadline: 1 April 2019.

  • The Water Career Achievement Award represents BIWA's most important award. It can only be received once. The candidate may still be professionally active, or retired.
  • In this case candidates should be nominated by a member of the BIWA Board, and selected and formally approved by the Board (majority vote in case of discussion).
  • The nominee can have any or a blend of the following profiles: academic, industry, government, non-profit.
  • The person who nominates must motivate his/her choice in a short recommendation (which will be used for the press release).
  • A nomination is only valid if the candidate is informed and agrees with his/her nomination.
  • The nominee shall supply additional information and an extensive CV in due time, as requested by the jury.
  • The winner receives a certificate from the BIWA Board, and will be featured on the BIWA website.
  • The winner will be invited to the BIWA awards ceremony, and has the possibility to deliver a short acceptance speech (if desired).

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