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BIWA Water Development Collaboration Award 2018

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Using the webform below you can apply for the BIWA Industry Award 2018. 
 Application deadline: 1 April 2018.

  • This application is reserved for a collaboration between a Belgian Partner (Academic, Industry or Government) and a Partner in a Developing Country.  This application is always done as a duo.  
  • Applications are either self-nominations, nominations by a third party, or nominations by the BIWA board. All nominations should be submitted by filling out the designated form.  A submission can only be made once.
  • The type of submission is open, and can comprise for example: a PhD thesis, a joint project with demonstrated results, an education project, testing of a prototype in a developing country,  development of an interesting new concept, etc.
  • Innovation, creativity and effective partnership are preponderant criteria for this award.
  • The award winners receive 400 EURO each, a certificate from the BIWA Board, and will be featured on the BIWA website.  No ex-aequos are possible for this award. 
  • The BIWA board reserves the right not to hand out the award in case the quality of the submissions is deemed insufficient, or in case there is only a single submission.
  • The winner (or its representative) will be invited to the BIWA Awards ceremony to provide a short presentation.

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