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BIWA Research Award 2018

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Using the webform below you can apply for the BIWA Research Award 2018. Changes in application requirements in comparison with previous years are indicated in italics.

Application deadline: 1 April 2018.

  • Application is done either as a self-nomination, or as a nomination of a third party researcher.  Nominations will not be made by the jury. All nominations should be submitted by filling out the designated e-form.
  •  Candidates should be affiliated to a Belgian university, research institute, agency, organisation or company (as mentioned in the published paper)  
  • Scientific publications from any peer reviewed journal will be taken into consideration, but the topic -as judged from the title or the keywords- should have a clear link to the theme of water.
  • Publications from the past calendar year should be submittedto compete for the award. Thus, in 2018, papers must be part of issues of 2017. No papers printed in 2018, nor in press, will be accepted.  The date of publication -online or print- is the criterion. 
  • Only one paper can be submitted in a given calendar year per first author.
  • The award is attributed specifically to the first author.  In certain cases the jury may decide that the award is to be shared by the co-authors (only in case of equal contributions to the article, but this information has to be explicitly indicated on the printed version of the article). In both cases, all co-authors must agree on the application for this award, and all co-authors should be in cc in the application email.
  • First authors who won the prize cannot reintroduce another candidacy in the next 4 years but the co-authors can, except in the above case. 
  • The award winner receives 800 EURO, a certificate from the BIWA Board, and will be featured on the BIWA website.  In case of ex-aequo, the jury can decide to award maximum of two winners.  In this case the monetary prize is halved.
  • The BIWA board reserves the right not to hand out the award in case the quality of the submitted papers is deemed insufficient for an award, or in case there is only a single submission. 

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