B-IWA Nocturnal 2016

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Thanks to the success of the first edition, it was decided to have a follow-up on the B-IWA Nocturnal event held in May 2015. From the round table discussions held at that very first edition, it became clear that education in the field of water can be the solution to a lot of water issues, also in a developed country like Belgium. Therefore, the topic of this second edition was an increased water awarenessThe event took place on May 18th, 2016 at the Botanic Garden of Meise.

Two speakers from different fields shared their experiences on the topic of water awareness, followed by a 4-member panel discussion, open to questions and suggestions from the audience. As we included a broad spectrum of speakers and panel members, many water professionals from industry, the cultural sector, policy and academia had an active say in the discussion. The speakers at this Nocturnal were:

  • Barry Heffernan (Technology Manager at Biothane Systems International)
  • Julie Van Overmeiren (Project Coordinator at GoodPlanet Belgium)

Additional panel members were:

  • Francesca Vanthielen (Co-founder of Klimaatzaak)
  • Toon Verlinden (Co-founder of The Floor Is Yours)

The lively discussions session was moderated by Inge Wallage, Communications and Engagement Director at IWA. Hereby we would also like to thank these people for their enthusiasm, involvement and continued effort to strive to an increased environmental and water awareness.

18 May, 2016