Belgian ties to IWA

In the list below an overview is given of the representation by Belgian IWA members in the different IWA structures.

  • Governing Assembly: Peter Goethals, Boudewijn Meerschaert
  • Programmes:
    • Water Climate & Energy: Ingmar Nopens (Steering committee)
  • Clusters
    • Resource Recovery: Korneel Rabaey & Willy Verstraete
  • Specialist groups
    • Biofilms: Eveline Volcke (MC member)
    • Disinfection: Heleen De Wever (MC member)
    • Environmental Engineering Education: Ingmar Nopens (MC member)
    • Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA): Eveline Volcke (chair)
    • Membrane Technology: Arne Verliefde (MC member)
    • Modelling and Integrated Assessment: Ingmar Nopens (vice chair)
    • Nutrient Removal and recovery: Siegfried Vlaeminck (MC member)
    • Statistics and Economics: Jan Hammenecker (MC member)